Which is better to buy a smartphone: inexpensive, but good and high quality

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In the modern world, a smartphone has become an integral part of everyday life, performing many functions from communicating with loved ones to managing business processes. The answer to the question “which smartphone is better to buy, inexpensive but good and of high quality under 20,000 rubles?” not that complicated. The main task is to find a device that offers an excellent set of characteristics: performance, build quality, a good camera and battery, at a very attractive price.

Why is it important to choose a quality smartphone?

Choosing a quality smartphone very important, especially when it comes to the limits of 20 thousand rubles. For many of us, “Which phone is better to buy within 20 thousand with a good camera and battery and memory?”is a criterion when choosing a model, since often the budget is limited, but quality requirements remain high. The key factor is the price-quality ratio, and here a good choice can mean that the smartphone will serve faithfully for several years without the need for repair or replacement.

Basic parameters for choosing a smartphone

When choosing a device, you should consider both functionality and technical specifications. Buyers asking the question “which phone to buy with a good camera and battery and memory?”should pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Processor and RAM: Choosing a powerful processor and sufficient RAM is the key to smooth operation of your smartphone. Even within a certain budget, it is possible to find devices that can cope with everyday tasks.
  2. Screen quality: An important aspect is the screen, which must have at least HD resolution, which will provide a decent level details of the image.
  3. Battery capacity and operating time: Users who want to be able to use the phone all day without recharging should pay attention to models with a high-capacity battery.
  4. Camera quality:A high-resolution camera with high-quality optics will be able to capture life’s important moments with decent quality.

The best budget smartphones on the market

There are many models suitable for the request: good phones under 20 thousand rubles with a good camera and battery and memory. Let’s look at them in more detail.

  • Review of popular brands: On the market you can find offers from brands that ideally fit the described criteria. Models from Xiaomi, Huawei or Samsung often stand out as the best in the budget phone segment.
  • Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Brands: Equally important is to look for brands that can offer high quality for reasonable money. Brands such as Realme and OnePlus often offer excellent specifications at affordable prices, making them an excellent choice for those looking for the best combination of price and quality.
ModelProcessorRAMScreenBatteryMain camera
Xiaomi Redmi 9MediaTek Helio G804 GB6.53″, 1080p 5020 mAh13 MP + 8 MP
Huawei P40 LiteHiSilicon Kirin 8106 GB 6.4″, 1080p4200 mAh48 MP + 8 MP
Samsung Galaxy A21s< /td> Exynos8503/4/6 GB6.5″, 720p5000 mAh48 MP + 8 MP

How to avoid mistakes when buying?

Looking for inexpensive but high-quality smartphones can lead to some mistakes that are potentially costly. choice, it is important to be aware of common marketing ploys that can be misleading. An example is the overestimation of camera values: instead of actually improving the quality of photos, some manufacturers only increase the number of megapixels. Carefully study the characteristics and do not let flashy advertising overshadow common sense.

When purchasing from online stores, always check customer reviews. User reviews can say a lot about the actual quality of a smartphone, its reliability and support service. Remember that reviews on official store websites may be selective, so it’s worth looking for information on third-party resources.

Additional tips for choosing a smartphone

In addition to the parameters discussed above, there are other factors which may influence the final choice. Among them:

  1. Accessories that increase ease of use: When choosing a smartphone, consider which accessories are included in the kit or available for purchase separately. Having a quality case, protective film or glass for the screen can significantly extend the life of your device and make it easier to use every day.
  2. Warranty and service options: Attention to warranty terms is also of great importance . It is advisable that the manufacturer offers a warranty period of at least one year and the presence of authorized service centers nearby.

Conclusion and recommendations

Choosing a smartphone is a responsible process that requires a careful approach to details and comparison of different models. Keeping the above criteria and tips in mind, you should be able to find a smartphone that meets your expectations without breaking your budget. So, evaluating the processor, camera, battery and other aspects, choose a device that will become your reliable partner for the next few years.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the main criteria when choosing an inexpensive smartphone?The main criteria include processor reliability, sufficient RAM, high quality screen and cameras, as well as battery capacity.

  • What to look for when choosing a camera in a smartphone? It is important to look not only at the number of megapixels, but also at the quality of the sensor, aperture, and additional features such as autofocus and optical stabilization.

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  • Should you trust reviews of smartphones on the Internet? Yes, but with caution. Reviews can provide valuable information, but it is wise to read opinions on both official websites and external platforms.

  • How long does it usually take to update the OS on budget smartphones? It depends on the manufacturer, but many brands provide OS and security updates for two to three years after the device is released.

  • How does battery capacity affect the performance of a smartphone?< /strong> The battery capacity directly affects its operating time without recharging. Choose devices with batteries of 3000 mAh or higher to ensure comfortable use all day long.